Data Security FAQ

Q. How is my personal and payment information protected when processing a transaction on
A. Your personal and payment information is protected by the Transmission Link Security (TLS) version 1.2 protocol. The data is encrypted using a 256-bit encryption key and authenticated using a security certificate issued by a registered certification authority (CA).
Q. How is my personal information protected when it is stored by Inmate Canteen?
A. Personal information is stored in encrypted format, in a database that resides on a computer in a secure data center. The data center is physically protected by an electronic security system and other physical security devices, including electronic coded door locks. The data center's network is secured by a perimeter firewall and intrusion detection (IDS) and intrusion prevention (IPS) systems. A firewall is also maintained on each computer server in the data center. Only authorized network traffic is permitted to enter and leave the data center.
Q. How is my personal information protected at Inmate Canteen's office facility?
A. Access to the information is limited to specific personnel, and only those personnel with a legitimate business need are permitted to access it. Hard copies are destroyed by shredding when no longer required, and no unencrypted electronic copies are permitted.
Q. Is Inmate Canteen a licensed money transmitter in my state?
A. Payments made to inmate accounts by family members are deposited directly to the facility by our payment provider Heartland. At no time do we control funds deposited by family members into inmate accounts.